1782 AD


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ABRAHAMITES, or Bohemian deists. Under this name, a number of residents in Bohemia, trusting in the edict of toleration issued by Joseph II., avowed themselves (1782) as believers of the doctrine alleged to have been held by Abraham before his circumcision. As early as the 9th century, a sect of the same name had arisen in Syria, and had denied the divinity of Christ. But the Bohemian deists professed to be followers of John Hus, though they held no Christian doctrine beyond that of the unity of God, and accepted nothing of the Bible save the Lord's Prayer. As they would join neither Jewish nor Christian sects, the emperor refused to tolerate them; and n 1783, expelled them from their native land, and scattered them in various parts of Hungary, Transylvania, and Slavonia, where many were made converts to the Roman Catholic Church, while others died as martyrs to their simple creed.


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