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ABULFARAJ (Lat. Abulfaragius), called also Barhebraeus - i.e., Son of the Hebrew, as being by birth a Jew, though afterwards a Christian - was born at Malatia, in Armenia, 1226, and became so distinguished for his knowledge of the Syriac, Arabic, and Greek languages, and of philosophy, theology, and medicene, that he was called the phoenix of the age. At the age of twenty, he was made bishop of Gula, and afterwards of Aleppo; and rose to the rank of Maphrian, the highest dignity among the Jacobite Christians next to Patriarch. Of his numerous Syriac and Arabic writings, most of which yet lie buried in the library of the Vatican, the best known is a Chronicle, in Syriac, of universal history from Adam down to his own time. The first part of it was published at Leipzig in 1789, the rest (3 vols.) at Louvain in 1872-4. Abulfaraj himself abridged this work in Arabic, under the title of History of the Dynasties (edited by Pococke, Arab. and Lat., Oxf. 1663). Among his writings of a theological kind may be mentioned his Magazine of Mysteries, being a Commentary on the Syriac Version of the Bible.


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