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LOMBARD, Peter (rather, Peter the Lombard), one of the most famous of the Schoolmen, was born at a village near Novara, in Lombardy. He was a pupil of Abelard, afterwards became a teacher of theology in Paris, and in 1159 was appointed Bishop of Paris. Bayle says that he was the first who obtained the title of Doctor of Theology in the university of Paris. He died at Paris in 1164. He was very generally styled Magister Sententiarum, or the Master of Sentences, from his work Sententiarum Libri IV., an arranged collection of sentences from Augustine and other Fathers, on points of Christian doctrine, with objections and replies, also collected from authors of repute. It was intended as a manual for the scholastic disputants of his age, and as may be inferred from what has just been said, is a compilation rather than an original work. It was the subject of many commentaries down to the time of the Reformation. The works of Peter L. were edited by Aleaume (Louvain, 1546).


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