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Benjamin Keach was born on the 29th February 1640 in Stokeham, England.

Benjamin Keach was converted as a teenager under the ministry of Matthew Mead. Keach was baptised when he was 15 years of age, having been unconvinced of infant baptism from the Scriptures and that every believer should be baptised by immersion.

He began preaching when he was 18. For ten years he moved around as an evangelist of Baptistic and Non-conformist principles. He started out an Arminian, but as he was convinced from Scripture concerning believer's baptism, so he became convinced from Scripture concerning the doctrines of grace.

In 1664, Keach wrote a book called "A Child's Instructor,' for which he was pilloried, fined and jailed for a short time.

In 1668 Keach became pastor of the Horse-lie-down Church in Southwark for 36 years until his death. Previous to this he had been the pastor of the church at Winslow. The church as Horse-lie-down grew rapidly under the leadership of Keach and needed a larger meeting place on a number of occasions.

Keach became an active participant in the disputes of his day, even having a running dispute over doctrine with Richard Baxter, who it is said he bettered in the debate.

He represented Southwark church at the 1689 General Assembly that formulated the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith.

Benjamin Keach produced numerous works including 'Parables and Metaphors of Scripture (1671),' 'War with the Powers of Darkness (1676)' and Spiritual Melody (1691). He was the pioneer of hymn singing in the church service. Benjamin Keach put together a catechism based on the 1677 2nd London Baptist Confession of Faith, which is commonly known as Keach's Catechism. In all he produced some 43 known works.

Keach died on the 18th July 1704 at 64 years of age.

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