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John Ryland was born in Warrick on the 29th January 1753. His father was a pastor and taught him to read Hebrew while still young. His father was John Collett Ryland was converted in 1741 and he became the pastor of the Northampton Church

For some time Ryland battled great conviction of sin, with periods of great despair. He read Alleine's Ararm to the Uncoverted, Baster's Call to the Unconverted and Bunyan's Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners. Then on the 8th September 1767, Ryland heard George Whitefield preaching. On that day, at age 14, he was converted and five days later was baptised as a believer by his father in the Nene River.

At age 17 he began his preaching career and co-pastored the Northampton Church with his father from 1781. He became the pastor of the Northampton church in 1786 when his father moved to London.

In 1783 he baptised his friend William Carey in the Nene River.

Despite his father's Hyper-Calvinist leanings, John Ryland sought to encourage Particular Baptists to move away from Hyper-Calvinist positions to a more Biblical viewpoint concerning evangelism and missions. He became a great supporter of his friend, William Carey and his mission work.

Ryland died at the age of 72.

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