This page is something of a portal to various Christian and Reformed Resources available on the world wide web. Not all links will be to Reformed sites, so please use them wisely. Non-reformed links are included where the linked site may prove of some value for the Reformed Christian.


What's On This Page:



This page is a growing link directory to various ministries and resources that will be of value to the average Particular and/or Reformed Baptist, as well as to other Christians. Most links will be to Reformed resources, but others may be included as useful resource sites for further study on various issues. Obviously we do not recognize or endorse everything that may be found on each of these sites. We recommend that you use these sites with caution, proving all things and holding fast that which is good. By issuing this warning we are not saying that all of these sites are suspect in our opinion, we are only asking you to be careful in your use of them.

If you would like to have your ministry or website added to our directory, please send an Email to us with your Url, and also a brief description of the site. Perhaps you are the webmaster for one of the sites already linked and would like to add a description to the link, please Email us with that request and we will add it to the site also. Please remember that we reserve the right to reject a site if it is not of a reformed nature. Thankyou.







UPDATED: 18 April 2014


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