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Please Read Matthew 2 (and Isaiah 9:6,7; 11:10-12; 53)

Who is Jesus?

Jesus was a man. An actual, historical person who lived in this world about 2000 years ago. That he existed is beyond doubt to reasonable men.

Historians of Jesus' day speak of him (eg Josephus).

There is no doubt to Jesus having existed on this planet - but who was Jesus? This was a question that was asked even in Jesus' own day.


Who was He? Who do you say He was?

Matthew seeks to answer this question and to show who Jesus is.

Matthew sought to prove this to the Jews - that's the primary reason why he wrote this book. He set out to prove to Jewish people that Jesus fulfilled OT prophesy regarding the Messiah.

His purpose - to prove Jesus as the Christ.

Matthew bridges the gap between the OT and NT. He does this by showing that the Promised One of the OT is the revealed Jesus of the NT.



Chapter 2 is an extension of chapter 1. Its function, together with chapter 1 is to prove the identity of Jesus as the Messiah, fulfilling OT prophesy.

CHAPTER 1 (Also Luke 3):


As the mouthpiece of God he narrates to us the actual story of how the wise men followed a star to Palestine seeking the King of the Jews.

When was this King to be born? READ Matthew 2:1-6.

Where? According to OT prophesy He was to be born in Bethlehem of Judah.

The star attesting to the birth of Jesus was put there by God in His providence. It guided the wise men to Judah and now the Scriptures guide them to the town of Bethlehem.

READ Verse 1: Matthew is saying that Jesus is the fulfillment of the prophesy in Micah 5:2.

A second prophesy fulfilled by Jesus is that found in verses 13 to 15.

Herod will seek to kill Jesus for fear of loosing his kingdom. So God sends the young family to Egypt till He will call them back.

God in His providence has worked out everything to fulfill His purposes. He sends Jesus to Egypt, so that He will fulfill the prophesy of Hosea 11:1.

READ HOSEA 11:1 and MATTHEW 2:19-21

As God saved His people from Egypt in the Exodus, He will again save His people by bringing salvation out of Egypt - in the Person and Work of His Son.

With calling Jesus out of Egypt, here is the fulfillment of OT prophesy and further evidence proving Jesus to be Christ.

A third prophesy fulfilled by Jesus is found in Matthew 2:21-23.

Herod had died and his son Archelaus was king. By the providence of God the young family settled in Nazareth.

According to Matthew this fulfilled that which was spoken by the prophets, 'He shall be called a Nazarene.'

I can find no OT prophesy that actually say that. What does he mean then? A number of interpretations have been given including:

So what does this mean to us now? Simply this: the fulfillment of prophesy in the person of Jesus in this chapter must be seen in the larger context of the entire book of Matthew. This chapter is part of a unit which works as a whole to prove Jesus as the Christ, the fulfiller of OT prophesy. Jesus is the Christ!

He is the one spoken of in:

Jesus is the Deliverer, the Saviour, the Refuge, God, the sin-offering, the Suffering Servant, the Head Crusher, King, the Banner, the Scape-goat - He is His people's salvation. He is the Christ. He is the Historic Jesus, the Jesus of the Bible, the Jesus of this planet!!!



When you are faced with this Jesus of whom the OT Scriptures point - how do you respond? Tonight you are confronted with this Jesus - how do you respond?

Sitting in your pews tonight, how do you respond? What do you do with this Jesus?


(a) Those Who Don't Believe

King Herod saw these things about Jesus but did he trust Him. No, he sought to kill Him - even to killing numerous infants in an effort to secure his own self-centred desires.

But what will happen to people like Herod and people like you who do not believe and trust this Jesus of the Bible?

READ JOHN 3:16-19

You don't believe because you love your sin too much.

You stand condemned already because you don't believe in Jesus Christ.

You will be 'cast out into outer darkness where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth (Mt 8:12)


(b) Those Who Do Believe

JOHN 3:16

You have everlasting life - why?

Surely He was wounded for your transgressions, surely He was bruised for your iniquities, surely the chastisement for your peace was upon Him, surely by His stripes we are healed, surely God has laid on Him the iniquity of us all who have believed.

The Scriptures say that 'I am the Lord, I change not (Mal 3:6).'

Just as the Lord Jesus Christ fulfilled every OT promise and prophesy so we can expect with complete hope and confidence that as He has become our Surety He has saved us and will bring us home. He will fulfill every NT promise and prophesy.

What then is left to be said? Why will you perish by not trusting the one God sent into this world to save sinners? Why will you perish?


Forsake all - take Him.

Repent - confess to the Lord your unbelief and seek His forgiveness. Leave your old ways and sins and follow Christ.

Seek to follow Him wholeheartedly in all He says.

Without this faith and repentance you have not yet repented and believed the gospel for your salvation.

Why perish?



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