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Welcome to is committed to the historic Particular Baptist faith as expressed in the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith. Though a Reformed Baptist I find myself more comfortable with the name Particular Baptist. I am more closely aligned with my early persecuted non-conformist and separatist Particular Baptist brethren. These early Baptists were persecuted by the early Reformers and their offspring who sought for a uniform faith, dealing severely with those that did not conform to their principles of infant baptism and  a state church. Sadly a large number of modern-day Reformed Baptists seem to have inherited the persecuting spirit of the early Reformers and laid aside the Particular Baptistic distinctive of the liberty of the conscience (under God), replacing it with a stern uniforming principal that persecutes those not in full agreement with them.

Though no longer terming myself a Reformed Baptist, I remain firmly committed to the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith, that was formed by the early Particular Baptists of England. I continue to warmly embrace my Reformed Baptist brethren as fellow members of the wider church, a circle of believers that includes all of God's elect. This site welcomes all Reformed believers to enjoy fellowship with other Reformed brethren who have thus far come to enjoy the fellowship fostered by is committed to bringing you a resource pool of good, solid, Reformed truth, with particular emphasis on Particular Baptist distinctives as outlined in the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith and the other confessional standards high-lighted on this site (see the menu at left). You will find here articles, books, Bible studies, sermons, etc, that will be especially helpful for those that I call the average Particular and/or Reformed Baptist - that is, the Particular and/or Reformed Baptist with average mental ability (such as I). Of course there will continue to be an opportunity for in-depth research and study also. is a privately run site and is not part of a church or wider-based ministry. I do not give out money - there are other ministries that do that. What I try to do is make Particular Baptist and Reformed resources available for free to other believers around the world. So please, do not ask for money, I cannot give it.

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